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The Arcade

Check out our fantastic arcade. Below are pictures of each game we offer and a short discription!

hoop feaver

Hoop Fever is a two person game where you try and score the most points by getting the balls in the basket.

ice ball

Ice Ball is a two person game where you try and roll the balls in to the different rings in order to score higher.

dunk n alien

Dunk N Alien the Skee-Ball redemption game where your goal is to Dunk the mechanical Alien who talks back to the player.

time crisis 4

Time Crisis 4 is a first person shooter where your objective is to go through each level and shoot enemies as they appear wihtout hitting friendlies.


Cyclone is ICE's Jackpot game the object of this game is to press your button in time to catch the LED ligh in the Jackpot area.

jumpin jackpot

Jumpin Jackpot is a virutual jump rope game as you jump over the rope the speed increases once all the letters in "jackpot" are lit up you win!


 Sponge-Bob Jellyfishing is a fun game for all age where the object of this game is to hit the button when the jelly fish lights up.


 Need for Speed Tokyo Dirft is a racing game where you can select the car and track that you wish to race on and features N.O.S!


Namco's best selling originals Pacman and Gallica are now on one machine, battle against ships or run around collecting dots your choice. 

toy solider

 Toy Solider is an original crane game where the object is to use the joystick to move the crane around and try and grab a toy!

sports fun

Sports Fan is another crane game where you are trying to grab the toys by moving the joystick and crane. 

disco round

Disco Round is a spin off of the orignal crane games. Now you have to time your crane correctly because of the moving prizes. 


 Deal or No Deal is a game based off the popular tv show where you must select a case, and select cases in order to get the best deal or not.


Dead Heat is another racing game where you are acutlly in the game using a camera you see yourself over your car. 


 Corvette Dragster is a light based game where you must press the button when the light lights up in order to win the jackpot.

crank it

 Crank it is based off of Wheel of Fortuine where you spin the well trying to get the closest to 100 but you cant go over or you lose.


 Chameleon Paradize is a fun game for all ages where you use the chameleons tounge to knock down as many bugs as you can.


Flame Finger is a finger based game where you have to drag your finger threw the maze in the time allowed to get the most tickets. 


 Slam-A-Winner is a ball based game where you have to time it correctly and drop the ball into the holes in order to get the most tickets.


 Zanny Zoo is another crane game where you have to move the joystick in order to get the crane where you want to try and pick up the toy.

This is our Newest edition to our acrade the Nascar Racer!

This is the newest edition to our aracde. Nascar features 4 racing cars that you can drive around the track in order to beat the other racers.


Check out these amazing prize options you have after playing in our arcade!

prizes treasure